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7th. March 2014

A potential Sri Lankan client has requested us to submit a proposal for converting their existing creping system into a block rubber system.

They currently crepe the cup lumps by manual creping, air dry them and pass the dried crepe into a final size reduction machinery before packing them. The current process is time consuming and production is slow especially you need to air dry the wet crepe. Moreover, a lot of labour is used to make the crepe, hang them and remove the dried crepe. The time taken is at least 4-5 days.

However, if they implement our proposal, the end product can be packed and ready for delivery within 24 hours or less. Drying of the crumbs via our Final Shredder, crumb rubber dryer and pressing takes only about 3 to 4 hours not days. Production can be increased as drying is now not a limiting factor.

We submitted our proposal to them today.

Interested parties who want to modernise their existing factories can always email us at : TWKANG@emp.com.my