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MAHSOPA being one of Malacca High School Old Pupils Association, received two important letters issued by the Education Ministry from Putrajaya and an official letter from the Malacca State Education.

There is a suggestion to relocate our School. No action is being taken yet as the authorities want to discuss this important matter with the School Management, Parents Teachers Association and former MHS pupils via our Alumni.

Letters below show their intention.

We want our former pupils of Malacca High to voice your opinion on this important development.

Send your responses to : asap.


Our school is the second oldest school in Malaysia. The old buildings comprise a piece of our history which must be preserved at all cost! It is a shame to bulldoze it and replace it with some modern building is a shame. Melaka has sufficient land for development, besides more land can always be reclaimed and ir would be a disgrace to destroy our heritage.

Thank you.

Low Wan Juat

Charlie Chia Sad indeed. Replacing 160 years old Heritage buildings with development. History maketh a sane and treasured civilization and ought to be preserved at all cost.

Black Km i think it s better since area situ dah selalu jammed..

Ming Lin Kwee Ntahlerr... ini dah umpama merobohkan rumah moyang... nilainya tak berbanding wang... mana satu area sekolah tak jam zaman sekarang...

Black Km skrg nyer masa x tau ler nak kata apa.. tang duit semua jadi buta..

Ming Lin Kwee 1% pun dah cukup lau dapat ambil alih dan majukan tapak kawasan tue... sama cam padang pahlawan dulu...

Hussin Othman Where are they relocating the school to?
Whatever good that might come out of the relocation, a big piece of history will be gone and this cannot be replaced.

Black Km yup.. everything about money..

Premanathan Jaganathan Our school is a history site....what a waste

Adamronny Rosly malacca govt has long eyeing banda kaba land as moving the school might put pressure on land owners to move out once development take place..lets vote the school to stay where it is

Silantra Zaidi Mhs is the oldest school in malacca in no2 in malaysia...we should preserved this area....sangat has been there for more than 1 century....whatever development the state has planned, imho should be done elsewhere...this is priceless heritage.....but i believed the decision has already been made..just some formality they did by sending us a notification letter....

Arman Arshada History school become memory??? NO!!!!" This is our school...MHS...sejak 1826 namamu terbina...meliora hic sequamur.....

Leon Lim Meliora Hic Sequamur Et Non Alibi.

Din Wallmaya Tak setuju. Tak boleh. Tiada rundingan lagi yg perlu diadakan. Selamat Hari Raya.

Zainuddin Rahman Tak bersetuju untuk dipindahkan.Banyak jasanya kepada pelajar dan bekas pelajar MHS

Nad Zeri agree 2 disagree.

Chia Chee Liang Tolong BANTAH. Amat tidak setuju sekali!

Willmie Jalius Ini KPM sudah jadi developer ke?

JD Chainer tidak setuju....ini semua soal keuntungan yg mereka fikir...all MHS jgn setuju

Hussin Othman Willmie Jalius: Bukan KPM yang cadang tapi KERAjaan Negeri Melaka. KPM tangguh keputusan pending inputs from interested parties.

Fuad Frogart All those memory will be gone if they change the school site.. I disagree.. Is it only high school or every single school which is located near that area too..?

Burn Mhs with Moreph Malai Luwai and 22 others
Aku sbg bekas pelajar Sekolah Tinggi Melaka menentang sekeras-kerasnya cadangan Kerajaan Melaka utk memindahkan sekolah yg BERSEJARAH DAN LAHIRKAN RAMAI PEMIMPIN TERMASUK BEKAS KETUA MENTERI MELAKA YAB SENATOR DTK SERI MOHD ALI RUSTAM, JAGUAN SUKAN NEGARA SPT CHOW BOON HUAT DAN TOKOH KOPORAT BEKAS PENGARAH PELAJARAN MALAYSIA ALLAHYARHAM TAN SRI RAFIE MAHAT. Atas dasar ape perlu dipindahkan sekolah bersejarah ini????. Minta pendapat rakan2 fb yg adalah bekas2 pelajar Sekolah Tinggi Melaka bg pendapat menentang cadangan i

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Murtaza Mahmor OBJECTION

Ruzaini M Lani Jangan ambil sekolah kami!!!

Burn Mhs Kita akn berbincang slps raya...

Lian Tiong Totally do not agree

Alex Lee Bantah...

Ng Daniel Benny Koh Desmond Ho Michael Seet wtf We need to bangkang & sign the petition!

Burn Mhs Lps raya group ExMhs 86-90 akn berpiket..

Benny Koh Bangkang !!!!!

Zulkarnain Manap Bantah

Michael Seet Super bangkang & bantah......

Asmaddy Mohamad ini kah tranformasi?

Alex Lee Pls all get more ex mhs to join here...

Asmaddy Mohamad exmhs bersatulah

Muhamad Eddin Syazri gila duit kee apa

Muhamad Eddin Syazri Aku bantah sekeras kerasnya banyak nilai sejarah yang patut di pelihara sebagai sekolah yang kedua tertua dimalaysia. Jangan hanya kerana pembangunan dan keuntungan sahaja

Asmaddy Mohamad pengampu aorang kaya bertaubat lah

Murtaza Mahmor Good one mady

Alex Lee Also pls share out the message. This affect not just us ex students, it goes more than that...historical value too

Desmond Ho Apply for heritage status and ask Commissioner to protect the school

Asmaddy Mohamad Haji kau memang suka kan high school kena pindahkan?..kau benci high school kan?

Burn Mhs Desmond Ho... after Hari Raya we will be make petisyen

Burn Mhs Syahnaz... bg pendapat bro..
Byk kenangan kita dlm sekolah ini.

From: madcap merlin

Subject: RE: dari SMK Tinggi Melaka

To: Martin Chan , Abdulrahim

Cc: koh chin lim , Abdul Rahman Arshad , Ann-Mean Leo , ... x16 more

Date: Friday, 25/07/2014 9:21 PM

Go for it, Guys and Gals!!!!

SFI fought for its lease to be extended ....

This smells horribly like a prime location being snafu'd for the cronies.

Subject: dari SMK Tinggi Melaka
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 07:39:26 +0800

Dear All, This news came shockingly close to this year's Hari Raya, a joyous occasion; yet it's felt almost like the twin disasters of MH370 & MH 17! Yes MHS has huge historical significance akin to the other pioneer schools - Penang Free School & VI (Victoria Institution) in KL. Moreover it's Location is clustered with other neighboring schools which include BHES, SFI (both primary & secondary schools), Sacred Heart Convent & CHIJ, further up the road along Bandar Hilir. We MUST object and protest vehemently up to the highest government levels and if need be to include mounting a legal challenge! That's how strong we old pupils should feel. There are enough former students in Government, both politicians and lawyers who are available to do this. If would certainly help if the incoming principal of MHS is an old boy. Not that long ago the privatization (due to 'commercial & business' reasons) destroyed the educational legacy of BBGS, Bukit Bintang Girls School in KL, where Pavillion is now, is a stark reminder of what may befall our beloved MHS. The powers that be almost did the same to VI & Merdeka Stadium which were saved from destruction due to the pleadings and objections from influential public figures and institutions. We MUST do the same for MHS before it's too late! Let's maintain and preserve the school according to our motto meaning "here we strive for the better things"- Meliora Hic Sequmour - so Long Live OUR school, MHS forever! Let's start with a signature campaign and if need be get this into the news papers and then go viral in the social media and reach international circulation where many past students are worldwide. Americans would say - Go Get It!

On 26/07/2014, at 12:05 PG, Abdulrahim wrote:

I feel sad that there are plans to relocate history.

Personally,I feel there isn't any necessity to embark on the relocation.

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On Jul 25, 2014, at 7:07 PM, koh chin lim wrote:

Dear mates,

Attached are are letters from the Ministry of Education and Melaka Education Dept. proposing to shift the location of MHS to another location, forwarded to us by Norwati Jaapar of Melaka High School for our information.
I was notified of this intention by phone yesterday by Razali, Penolong Kanan Pentadbir (Senior Assistant 2) of MHS. Manuel Gomez of HSOBA collected a copy of the letter by Razali yesterday. Requested Razali to extend a copy to me and Razali wishes some feedback from us regards this proposal.

Was also informed by Razali that the new MHS Principal will be an old boy of MHS, and will be starting his duties soon.

Best Regards,
Lim Koh Chin