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14th. September 2009

The Internet is an amazing tool. A school mate of mine whom I have not met 36 years ago reconnected with me when he sent me an email from Toronto, Canada. Michael Teo left Malacca High after his Form 5 (1973) to pursue his dreams. So, after his travels to United Kingdom and all these years, he has landed in Toronto, Canada.

Though we have not met since, his face remains unchanged.

I would sincerely appreciate it if you guys circulate to'all my old chums' my email address
Or if any of you feel like along distance call, feel free to give me a buzz, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada 905-471-0632 (Home)

Brief history - as you guys are probably wondering what I'm doing here!! Actually I've only been in Toronto since
1998 after spending 25years in London, UK. where I received my BA(Hons) and worked as an accountant for a few
large companies and still do. Then while holidaying in Canada, I got 'Lured' by the fishing and numerous lakes,
rivers, and great expanse of water and superb, greenoutdoor life ( My great passion besides fishing-phew I can
go on and on about the great 'lunkers/monster fish' that I've landed-and I have pictures to prove it!!, includes
boating, swimming, hiking and just about anything connected to nature)