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1st. January 2011

Dear TW Kang,

Frist of all, Happy New Year to you and your family too.

I was a Scout in MHS from 1997 to 2001. Our Scout Master then was Mr. Peter Suan Teck Siang.

In 1997, MHS sent about 2 patrol of scouts to attend the 9th Malaysian Jamboree and the 18th APR Jamboree in Kem Seri Keluang Besut, Terengganu.In 1998, we organised a campfire where we invited numerous scouts and guides from other schools. We still manage to use the Scout Den
when we were the committee.

Junior Scout Committee 1998/1999
Troop Leader: Aaron Liu Teck Wei ATL: Justin Lee Hock Yee
Secretary: Ian Koh
Treasurer: Lai Chung Heng
Quartermaster: Kelvin Lim Jern Wei
AQM: Daniel Tan Eng Keng
PL: 1) Chan Ching Loon
2) Kenny Lo
3) Rama Sockalingam Nagappan
4) Saravanan
5) Jason Chew Kim Yong

In 1999, MHS scouts attended the 3rd Melaka Jamboree in Kem Puan Tan Chay Yan in Bukit Katil.

In 2000, we celebrated our Diamond Jubilee as mentioned there.

Senior Scout Committee 2000/2001
Troop Leader: Justin Lee Hock Yee
ATL: Lai Chung Heng
Secretary: Kelvin Lim Jern Wei
Assistant Secretary: Daniel Tan Eng Keng
Treasurer: Saravanan
QM: Rama Sockalingam Nagappan
AQM:Chan Ching Loon
PL: Ian Koh

In 2001 there was 3 King Scouts; 1) Daniel Tan Eng Keng, 2) Chan Ching Loon, 3) Koh Kian Way.

In 2002, there was 1 King Scout; Tan Kia Chin.

In 2004, Puan Tan Chay Yan camp is actually the 5th Melaka Jamboree not ASEAN JAMBOREE because the 3rd ASEAN JAMBOREE was held last year in Singapore.

I will try to look for photos and pass to you. About re-connect, it would be great if we could plan a gathering for the 90th celebration...

Yours in scouting,
Daniel Tan Eng Keng
MHS Scout 2001